Stop Obsessing on Frequency, Consistency Matters More

Often I get asked, “how frequently should I be posting?” There is no one answer to this question. Frequency is meaningless without consistency. 

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5 Tips to Help with Likability Whether You’re a PM or Team Member

Likability is important in life. Chances are you already know it matters. When it comes to Project Management, likability helps communication and teamwork.

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Getting to Know Your Client is Important

It is important to get to know your client as well as their customer. Getting to know your client will help on several levels.

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3 Key Reasons behind the swap to WordPress

1) Easier to Maintain. 2) Search Engine Optimization. 3) Options. I go into detail about these three reasons as to why I switched from HTML to WordPress, expanding on why they are all important.

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What’s Wrong with “Time is Money”?

The problem with “Time is Money” is the reality that time is finite and money is infinite. 24 hours in a day, how much you earn in an hour is limitless.

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5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started Copywriting

At the time I got my start with copywriting, the place I was at was concerned with quantity over quality. For the love of all writing, don’t go down that road… it doesn’t feel good in the end.

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Does Bootstrap Add to My Business Value?

Mobile continues to become a bigger part of website traffic. Knowing the most popular mobile HTML/CSS/JavaScript library definitely comes in handy.

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Adopting Canva to Give Clients an Easy Creative Marketing Tool

I’ve often had clients who wanted to take a bit of a more hands-on approach. Adobe Creative products can be overwhelming, that’s where Canva has come in.

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