Getting to Know Your Client is Important

This might be a little bit confusing. It is important to get to know your client as well as their customer. Getting to know your client will help on several levels.

To be completely honest I didn’t understand the difference at first. After all your client’s customer is usually the end target audience in marketing. The part that didn’t click right away, is that if you understand your client you can better tailor targeting their customer. I definitely had room to grow and make progress.

Your Client Not Their Customer

Take note of the distinction between your client and their customer. You can do a lot of research about what customers want in the relevant market. Even learn how businesses in the market are communicating with those customers.

Don’t get me wrong all that is valuable information.

It is important so don’t skimp out there. What I’m suggesting is to add to that. Getting to know your client helps you better tailor and use all that information. The one element that will always make your client unique in their market is who they are. In addition to who they are it typically relates to how they do things.

Both of those are big factors to making your brand memorable.

This applies to businesses big and small. I have found it stands out most with smaller businesses as they tend to be more personal. I might have some bias there, do you have a different opinion?

Big or small, getting to know your client will help make them more personal. More real. More relatable.

An added bonus is that it helps you better adhere to Google’s Basic Principles for website SEO.

On the off chance, you might not be completely sold on or if the idea of an example using Deadpool amuses to you. I came up with an extreme marketing scenario.

Your client is Deadpool. The goal is to get the X-Men to help. Contemplate how a “hero” type could succeed at the goal. Then contemplate how getting to know Deadpool would change that approach.

As a matter of fact, you might have just come up with the plot for Deadpool 3.

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