Stop Obsessing on Frequency, Consistency Matters More

Often I get asked, “how frequently should I be posting?” There is no one answer to this question. Frequency is meaningless without consistency.

But the Online Guides? Suggestions?

I’m sure you’ve read a lot of them. I have as well and many downplay or assume you will factor consistency. Keep in mind guidelines and suggestions are not statements based on facts.

Now I want to make it clear I’m not saying they’re worthless. Simply put they shouldn’t be taken as gospel. Consistency will improve those guidelines and suggestions, and add value.

Consistency Adds Value

There are several levels where consistency comes into play when it comes to posting. While some tweaks need to be made this applies to posting anywhere (blogs, social media, etc.),

Here are two scenarios to help convey how a lack of consistency can be detrimental.

Scenario 1: Food Stuffz is a grocery store you frequent. They send out weekly advertisements to your email. After a few months, you realize the weekly ads don’t have any deals on the food you regularly buy.

Scenario 2: Stuff Foodz is a small corner market. They send out advertisements every other week. After a few months, you notice that at least once a month they have deals on the food you regularly buy.

In both scenarios, you will see consistency as well as a set frequency.

Food Stuffz sends out ads at a higher frequency but doesn’t offer deals on things you buy.

Stuff Foodz sends ads out at a lower frequency but does consistently offer deals on the food you do buy.

Which would you be more likely to buy food from? I’m betting you’d go with Stuff Foodz despite they put out ads less frequently.

One element that is easily missed here is consistency includes quality. Specifically quality your customer desires and expects

Humans Like Consistency

While that was a simplified example, it still shows that frequency alone isn’t enough. You need to factor in, consistency in terms of what you’re posting. As well as how you’re posting it.

Robots like it too

As a result of humans liking consistency since the robots of the internet are looking to ensure serving humans better they care too. Just remember you are posting for your human readers first and foremost. Here’s a small quote from Google’s SEO Starter guide:

You should build a website to benefit your users, and gear any optimization toward making the user experience better. One of those users is a search engine, which helps other users discover your content.

Bender in a Human Body

Better engagement

This works in two ways if your users like what you’re posting about and you focus on those topics they know what to expect. I should clarify, topics in relation to your business or brand. Add in, consistent posting time frames, then they know when to come back for more.

Random sidenote: I find it interesting that the binge mindset that came about from DVRs and Netflix hasn’t translated to post content… yet.

Easier on you

Added bonus to being consistent is that you can schedule your posts. Rather you can create a routine you can get into the habit of which makes the whole process easier on you. A definite win-win!

You won’t be forgotten

This does pair up with frequency. As long as you are consistent and posting at a regular frequency you will stay on top of your readers’ minds.

I hope this helps convey the importance of factoring consistency when it comes to the frequency of posting. Can you think of anything I missed?

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