Web Development

3 “Customer First” Tips to Developing a Live WordPress Theme

Customized WordPress? New theme or current theme updates can be tricky. Some clients just want to see the latest content when reviewing updates.

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3 Key Reasons behind the swap to WordPress

1) Easier to Maintain. 2) Search Engine Optimization. 3) Options. I go into detail about these three reasons as to why I switched from HTML to WordPress, expanding on why they are all important.

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Does Bootstrap Add to My Business Value?

Mobile continues to become a bigger part of website traffic. Knowing the most popular mobile HTML/CSS/JavaScript library definitely comes in handy.

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Hi I'm Elizabeth!

My passions are learning and helping others. I combine my passions and expertise in Digital Marketing, Web Development, and Project Management to help people solve problems and create awesome projects. I love to share the knowledge I learn. Learn more about me...

Oh and I love tacos.