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5 Tips I Wish I Knew Before I Started Copywriting

At the time I got my start with copywriting, the place I was at was concerned with quantity over quality. For the love of all writing, don’t go down that road… it doesn’t feel good in the end.

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Does Bootstrap Add to My Business Value?

Mobile continues to become a bigger part of website traffic. Knowing the most popular mobile HTML/CSS/JavaScript library definitely comes in handy.

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Adopting Canva to Give Clients an Easy Creative Marketing Tool

I’ve often had clients who wanted to take a bit of a more hands-on approach. Adobe Creative products can be overwhelming, that’s where Canva has come in.

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The Story Behind “It was love at first include”

I had mentioned to one of my coworkers that it was a bit tedious to update the navigation on every HTML page. That’s when they asked if I knew about PHP.

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