eConnect Public Website

Well, it all began when...

Elite Realty was looking to have a website that would give their clients the ability to see which houses were available. More specifically they wanted a website that would be able to communicate with the real estate listing service that they used.

I was able to help by...

  • Coordinating with the design department to ensure the design matched the existing look and feel of Elite Realty while incorporating the various visual elements of the real estate listing API.

  • Developing the front-end code to replicate the visual design mockups provided by the creative department.

  • Seamlessly integrating the real estate listing’s API throughout the website to ensure searching and finding listings would be easy for Elite Realty’s clientele.

  • Coordinating with the real estate listing company to ensure all requirements of using their API were met.

What we accomplished...

A website that Elite Realty could share with their clientele to be able to search various property listings to speed up the process of buying and selling properties.