eConnect Public Website

Well, it all began when...

The Air Force Reserve was interested in updating their website to give it a fresh look as at the time the previous design had been up for several years. Beyond the new design they were interested in increasing lead conversions from the website. They also wanted the website to have a simplified way to convey the information visitors were looking to learn.

I was able to help by...

  • Writing custom tailored code to reduce the amount of superfluous code which led to unnecessarily long load times on the website.

  • Developing the front-end code to replicate the visual design mockups provided by the creative department.

  • Writing a front-end based filtering system to reduce the amount of necessary click throughs required to find jobs.

  • Collaborating with the rest of the development team to create hooks connecting the backend code to the front-end to display the various types of content on their respective pages.

What we accomplished...

  • Received overwhelming positive feedback from several members on the client side about the redesign, speed, and how much simpler accessing content was with the new site.

  • The website was rebuilt using much less code than it had in the previous version, this led to much faster load times across every page on the website. Anywhere from 25 to 50% faster load times as a result.

  • Traffic to the specific job pages had drastically increased.

  • With the reduced load times, easier access to the various job pages, and the direct chat the lead conversions went up.